1st PUC English Grammar Notes Verbs

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Karnataka 1st PUC English Grammar Notes Verbs

Fill in the blanks with suitable form of the verbs given in brackets:

1st Puc English Grammar Notes Pdf Download KSEEB Solutions Question 1.
Once upon a time, a man _________ (live) in a hut at the edge of a forest. An elephant _________ (make) friendship with him. One day, when it _________ (be + rain) heavily, the elephant _________ (request) the man to allow him to put his trunk in his hut.
lived, made, was raining, requested.

1st Puc English Notes KSEEB Solutions Question 2.
The Lion was the king of the jungle. He _________ (want) to have peace in his kingdom. So he _________ (appoint) a Commission of Enquiry. Mr. Fox _________ (be) the chairman. On seeing the members, the man _________ (demand) to include one from his side.
wanted, appointed, was, demanded.


1st Puc English Grammar Pdf KSEEB Solutions Question 3.
Once the Commission of Enquiry_________ (sit) to take the evidence. The Elephant
(come) along with a superior air. He _________ (justify).his act or occupying the hut. The man_________ (be + wait) fo his opportunity to give evidence.
sat, came, justified, was waiting.

English Grammar 1st Puc KSEEB Solutions Question 4.
The members of the Commission of Enquiry declared that they (have + hear) sufficient
evidence. Then, they _________ (enjoy) a delicious meal at the expense of Mr. Elephant. Finally, they _________ (decide) to give the judgement in favour of Mr Elephant. The man _________ (accept) the judgment.
had heard, enjoyed, decided, accepted.

1 Puc English Grammar Notes KSEEB Solutions Question 5.
Once, we _________ (be e erect) a bamboo frame. We needed something to tie it. So, we
_________ (send) Sanna to bring some creepers. He _________ (bring) a whole bundle.
When Mara _________ (open) the bundle, he found a medicinal creeper.
were erecting, sent, brought, opened.

1st Puc English Grammar Pdf Download KSEEB Solutions Question 6.
According to Mata, a sage _________ (have + curse) the medicinal creeper The curse was thai when somebody _________ (need) It,. they _________ (shall + not + find) It. So when the _________ (find) It, they would tie It to a nearby tree.
had cursed, needed, should not find, found.

English Notes 1st Puc KSEEB Solutions Question 7.
The Englishman _________ (tell) Mara to show him the plant. So, Mata _________ (take) hin’
to the forest. Although they _________ (search) the whole day, they didn’t find it. So, the
Englishman _________ (threaten) to shoot him.
told, took, searched, threatened.

English 1st Puc Grammar KSEEB Solutions Question 8.
Krishna knew a Malayali sadhu. The sadhu _________ (have + treat) him for boils all over his body. Krishna again _________ (meet) him and _________ (request) him to give medicine for piles. The Sadhu _________ (agree) to give medicine for piles.
had treated, met, requested, agreed.

English 1st Puc Notes KSEEB Solutions Question 9.
It was quite a big city. I _________ (stay) in a small room in that city. I _________ (carry) on a
profession of teaching English. _________ (teach) them to write addresses In English. People _________ (pay) one anna to four annas for writing an address.
stayed, carried, taught, paid.

1st Pu English Grammar KSEEB Solutions Question 10.
By tradition, the people of the city _________ (be) soldiers. But, some of them _________ (go) to distant places. Many others _________ (serve) as watchmen. Money was highly valued by them. For money, they _________ (will + do) anything, even commit murder.
were, went, served, would do.

1st Puc English Solutions KSEEB Solutions Question 11.
I got up at 4 p.m. and _________ (finish) my daily chores. Then I _________ (step) out for a
meal, I _________ (have) 14 Rs. In the wallet which was In my coat pocket. I _________ (enter) a restaurant and ordered a meal.
finished, stepped, had, entered.

KSEEB Solutions For 1st Puc English Question 12.
The narrator put his hand in his coat pocket to pay the bill. But he _________ (begin) to sweat and almost _________ (digest) in an instant all that he _________ (have + eat). The reason __________ (be) that his wallet was not there.
began, digested, had eaten, was.

1 Puc English Grammar Answers KSEEB Solutions Question 13.
It _________(be) a busy restaurant. When the narrator didn’t pay the bill, the owner
(give) a loud guffaw. He _________ (catch) him by the lapels of his Coat and told him to put down the money. All the people _________ (be + look) at him like hungry wolves.
was, gave, caught, were looking.

KSEEB 1st Puc English Notes Question 14.
Nasiruddin Sheikh was Babar All’s father. He _________ (be) a Jute seller. He_________ (supj5ort) his son Baba .All In all his ventures. Thus, Babar All _________ (start) his own school at the age of nine. Todaÿ 800 students _________ (be + get) education in his school.
was, supported, started, are getting.

English Grammar For 1st Puc KSEEB Solutions Question 15.
Babar Ali’s school _________ (grow) out of a game. In the play ‘School-School’, Baba r All was the teacher. His friends _________ (have + not + see) the inside of a school. They _________ (enjoy) playing students. They _________ (end) up learning arithmetic and enjoying it.
grew, had not seen, enjoyed, ended.

KSEEB Solutions 1st Puc English  Question 16.
Gradually, Babar All’s name spread. Help _________ (begin) to come from other quarters.
When Babar All _________ (think) of a mid-day meal scheme, the rice _________ (corn e) from his father’s fields. But now, he _________ (get) ¡t from the government stock.
began, thought, came, gets.

1 Puc English Answers KSEEB Solutions Question 17.
My jailoi- let me go when he _________ (hear) of my dream. Then I _________ (slip) out unseen and _________ (climb) the tree. ¡_________ (hide) myself in its leaves waiting for the Majesty’s arrival.
heard, slipped, dimbed, hid.

1st Puc Grammar English KSEEB Solutions Question 18.
The Goddess appeared before Ma ra. She _________ (tell) him to give her message to the king. She________ (say) that a tank ________ (have) to be built to the river Veda. Mara ________ (be + wait) for an opportunity to meet the king.
told, said, had, was waiting.

Question 19.
Mara said that the Goddess _________ (stand) before him. Her tresses _________ (be) wild.
She _________ (have + splash) her forehead with vermilion. He _________ (fall) down and
prayed her not to destroy the lake.
stood, were, had splashed, fell.

Question 20.
Frederick Douglass had seen his mother only four or five times in his life. Because, she________ (be) a field hand in the farm of Mr Stewart, who _________ (live) about 12 miles away from Douglass’ home. She _________ (make) her journeys in the night to see her son. She _________ (travel) the whole distance on foot after her work.
was, lived, made, travelled.

Question 21.
FrederIck Douglass _________ (have) two masters. His first master’s name _________ (be)
Anthony. Douglass ________ (do + not + remember) Anthony’s first name, who ________
(own) two or three farms and about thirty slaves.
had, was, did not remember, owned

Question 22.
As we drove through the foothills at the Alps, two smaLl boys ________ (stop) us on the outskirts of Verona. They _________ (be + sell) strawberries that _________ (look) delicious against the green leaves lining the basket. We _________ (want) to buy fruits from them.
stopped, were seUing, looked, wanted.

Nicola and Jacopo’s father was killed b the war. Later, a bomb _________ (have ÷ destroy) their home. They _________ (suifer) from starvation. Even then, they _________ (do + not + lose) their heart. They _________ (join) the Resistance Movement to fight against the Germans.
had destroyed, suffered, did not lose, joined.

Question 24.
The two boys met their sister. One _________(can + identify) her resemblance to her brothers. A vase of wild flowers _________ (stand) on her table. They also _________ (carry) several books for her. She ________ (feel) happy after meeting her brothers.
could identify stood, carried, felt.

Question 25.
I waited outside until the boys _________ (rejoin) me and then _________ (bring) them back to the city. I did not say even a word. I knew that they _________ (will + prefer) to feel that they ________ (have+ keep) their secret.
rejoined, brought, would prefer, had kept.

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