KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Poem Chapter 1 Self-Reliance

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Karnataka State Board Class 7 English Poem Chapter 1 Self-Reliance

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Self-Reliance Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Pre-Reading Activity

Many Factors help a person to attain success, complete the chart of bubbles with the factors which help you make your life meaningful.


KSEEB Solutions For Class 7 English Self Reliance
KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Poem Chapter 1 Self-Reliance 2

I. Answer the following questions in a sentence or two each:

Self Reliance Poem 7th Standard Question 1.
Who is the speaker in the poem?
The poet Kathleen Delicate herself is the speaker in the poem.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 7 English Self Reliance Question 2.
Who is alone in the poem?
The poet is alone in the poem.

Self Reliance Questions And Answers Question 3.
What does the speaker decide to do if she fails?
If the speaker fails, she will continue to try again and again. She will ask others for their opinions also.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 7 English Question 4.
Who is the ruler of the speaker’s kingdom?
Speaker herself is the ruler of the speaker’s kingdom.

Class 7 English Self-Reliance Karnataka State Board Solutions Question 5.
How can the speaker convert her choice into a victory?
The speaker converts her choice into victory by being true to herself which taught her to stand alone with self-confidence which helps her to take the royal road to success.

II. Answer the following questions in a paragraph each.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 7 English Self-Reliance Question 1.
Which line of the poem do you like? Why?
By being true to myself I begin.
To learn how to stand alone: how to win.

All of us should have a vision in life. In order to realize our vision, we should be true to ourselves and work hard towards it. The self-determination, the confidence in ourselves, and the hard work will help us to realize our dream into a reality. Self-respect and self-dependence will help us to learn how to stand alone whenever the time demands.

Generosity and self-sacrifice and a willing mind to help others if they need us. All of these will lead to contentment. When we are contented and we feel our objective and vision in our life are achieved we feel that we are successful and have won in life.

7th Standard English Self Reliance Poem Question 2.
Ask your partner what is self-respect/ self confidence/ self reliance.
Self-respect: Respect for oneself or self-respecting is the meaning of self-respect. Self-respect can be gained only when we should never do in secret what we should be ashamed of doing in the presence of our most valued friends.

Self- confidence: There are many people who have a real talent in different lines and yet never accomplish anything because they are afraid to make the first venture and in this way, good and useful things are lost to the world. A reasonable amount of confidence in one’s own powers is necessary for success.

Self-reliance: Self-reliance means relying upon ourselves or independently taking up the decisions. Decisions taken by others about our life may go wrong, still, the decisions given by others are to be scrutinized by ourselves again. So it will be better to rely on ourselves.

Self Reliance Poem Questions And Answers Question 3.
How can you show to others that you have these qualities? Give some examples, Write down what you said.
“Success” is the only thing from which we can show to others that we have all these qualities.
ex: Whenever I got a chance to participate in any of the extra circular activities, without any hesitation, I participated, which showed my self-confidence.

Self Reliance Poem Class 7 Question 4.
According to the poet, what should we do to win in life?
According to the poet, we should do the following to win in our life. They are,

  1. Rely on yourself.
  2. Stand on your own
  3. Continue trying if you fail
  4. Take pride in the path you choose
  5. True to yourself
  6. Learn to stand alone and determination to win facing all odds in life.

III. Choose the correct answer.

Self Reliance Poem 7th Standard Question Answer Question 1.
Ruler of the speaker’s kingdom is
a) Poet
b) unknown person
c) lonely person
d) Now
a) Poet

KSEEB Solutions For Class 7th English Question 2.
Speaker is
a) realizes his alone
b) literally alone
c) lost somebody
d) All
b) literally alone

Self Reliance Poem For 7th Standard Question 3.
It’s up to ___ to make his destiny.
a) me
b) others
c) him
d) None
c) him

Self Reliance Question And Answer Question 4.
If the speaker fails in her work she _____ to win
a) Must Continue trying
b) ask others for their opinion
c) fails
d) None
a) Must Continue trying

E. Writing

Discuss these newspaper headlines with your teacher. Add to each statement one or two sentences of your own.

a. Paper distributor Prerana gets the first rank in P.U. exam.
Prerana, studying in IIP. U.C. She earned for her family and herself, to continue her studies and has secured first rank in P.U. exam. She is the role model for all students.

b. All-women crew to fly Air India flights.
An all-women crew took Sunitha Williams on a to Air India flight.

c. Indian sailors all set to circumnavigate the globe.
Indian sailors have explored a new sea-route to circumnavigate the globe.

d. Arunima, first Indian amputee to scale Everest.
Arunima, through her self- reliance and determination successfully scaled Mt.Everest.

Self-Reliance by Kathleen DeHcato About the Author:

Kathleen DeHcato born in Florida USA. Her passion is writing sonnets. She planned to publish a book of them to be titled ‘Songs of Buddha’. She had been practicing Buddhism for 24 years and it is the essence of all her writing. She has published some of her poems and articles in local newspapers, the ‘World Tribune’ a Buddhist newspaper and a book called “Hearts of the south” a compilation of women writers. Famous poems published are ‘Rosa Park’, ‘Go to the back’, ‘The mountain’, ‘Dragonslayer ’etc.

Self-Reliance Summary In English

The poem is a lesson for all those who feel alone or literally alone and teaches to create self-confidence, self-reliance. The Poet, though she was surrounded by relatives, society, friends, etc she realizes loneliness. To take up any decision she learned not to depend on others, only to depend confidently on herself. She has started to take up her own decisions though she may fail initially. She can ask other’s opinions about her progress.

But still, she is the one who ultimately decides as she is the sole ruler of her own kingdom Being the master of her dominion, the poet with great determination chooses her path with pride neglecting other’s disagrees with her choices as though they are the only people who can advice her to take up the better path.

When the poet neglected other’s opinions the people began to abuse with small words. But the poet made up her mind, that was her own life and ultimately she is only one to make her destiny. The only thing in life she trusted upon is being true to herself which teaches her to stand alone and also to win through her self-confidence.

English Self Reliance Poem 7th Standard

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