KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 6 Uttanka’s Gurudakashina

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Karnataka State Board Class 7 English Prose Chapter 6 Uttanka’s Gurudakashina

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Uttanka’s Gurudakashina Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

I. Ask or answer these questions, taking turns with your partner, tell him/her why your answer is correct. Quote from the text if necessary. Write down your answers.

Uttanka Gurudakshina 7th Standard Question 1.
Who did Uttanka feel indebted to? Why?
Uttanka, after learning all that his master could teach him felt indebted because he never repaid even once. In olden days there was practice of paying gurudakshina after learning from his-guru. So Uttanka felt indebted.


Uttanka Gurudakshina Question And Answer Question 2.
Uttanka was indebted to the Guru’s wife too.
Not True.

Uttanka’s Gurudakshina Question Answer Question 3.
The master told Uttanka what he owed to him.
Not True.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 7 English Chapter 6 Question 4.
Uttanka made obeisance to his Guru’s wife before speaking to her.

Uttanka Gurudakshina Question Answers Question 5.
The Guru’s wife answered the boy’s question in the affirmative.

Uttanka Gurudakshina Notes Question 6.
What was the Guru’s wife long-cher- ished wish?
Guru’s wife long cherished wish was to wear the ear-rings worn by the queen on feast day.

Uttanka Gurudakshina Story In English Question 7.
“This will be a test of your devotion to me,” said the Guru’s wife.

Uttanka Gurudakshina Lesson Question 8.
Uttanka felt frightened and hopeless to hear her words.

Uttanka’s Gurudakshina Story Question 9.
Describe Uttanka’s meeting with the strange man.
When Uttanka went on his way he saw a huge bull coming towards him. Uttanka saw seated upon the bull a man so large, he drew back in fear. But the strange man called him asking to drink a cup Ml of some kind of liquid. Initially, Uttanka refused, but then he drank when the strange man said that it will help him on his way.

Uttanka Gurudakshina Story Summary Question 10.
Read paragraphs 9 to 14. Think about the character of the king and the queen, Tell your partner your opinion about them.
The character of the king is very kind, caring, and also very affectionate. When the boy approached the king and revealed his task, the king smilingly adviced the boy to approach the queen, that too in new clean clothes. This shows the king’s compassion for then citizens.

In the same way, when the boy approached the queen, she willingly gave her ear-rings to fulfill his mistress’s cherished wish. Also, the queen warned him to be careful while carrying the jewels. Even the queen took part in favoring the boy’s devotion, shows her hospitality.

Uttanka Gurudakshina Class 7 Question 11.
Uttanka did something wrong in following the queen’s instructions. What was that? What made him do a thing like that?
The queen warned the boy, Uttanka that ear-rings have long been coveted by the serpent king. So she asked him to be cared for and not to lose the ear-rings. But Uttanka on his way was tired, leaning against the trunk of the tree placing ear-rings on the ground beside him This was the wrong thing done by Uttanka since he was tired, walking all the way he was tired. So his weariness made him do that.

Uttanka Gurudakshina Story Question 12.
Who stole the ear-rings? How?
The serpent king stole the ear-rings. When Uttanka placed it on the ground, he sprang to his feet and turned round in time to see a man dressed in rags, running through the forest. Uttanka ran after him as fast as he could, but the man suddenly changed into a snake which wriggled into a hole in the ground.

Uttanka’s Gurudakshina Notes Question 13.
After that, Uttanka met some people, Who were they? How did they help him?
After that Uttanka met an old man, as he spoke there was thunder and lightning and a great thunderbolt fell. The Whole earth shook but next to where Uttanka stood was a big hole in the ground.

By this Uttankq was able to enter the hole and found himself in the kingdom of the serpent king Secondly he met two women weaving a piece of cloth. They were two maidens weaving the black and white threads of night and day.

Thirdly, he saw a man with a horse. The man was the god of fire. Uttanka bowed to the man respectively and asked him a favour. The man asked Uttanka to blow into the horse. So Uttanka blew and blew and from every hair of the horse’s body darted a flame that shot through every space in the kingdom of serpent king. It burnt the houses till all the serpents rushed out begging Uttanka to save their lives and the serpent king returned ear-rings to Uttanka.

Uttanka Gurudakshina Story In Kannada Question 14.
What did the serpent citizens do? Why?
The horse’s body darted a flame that shot through every space in the kingdom of the serpent king. It burnt the houses till all the serpents rushed out. To save their lives, serpent citizens clamored the king to return the ear-rings which the king did.

Uttanka Gurudakshina In English Question 15.
The silent ones he met were the strangest ones. Do you agree? Comment.
The silent ones he met were the strangest as they did not answer his questions. The two women weaving a piece of cloth in the serpent kingdom were day and night. The six boys who turned the wheel round and round. The 12 spokes could be the 12 months of the year. The man was the God of Rain and the horse was the God of fire.

Exercise – 1
Fill in the blanks with the past participle. Write a Present Participle in one blank.

  1. Give me that torn shirt. I will get it stitched
  2. We were try ing to see our flag floating on the peak.
  3. They were pushed back by the police.
  4. The train had already arrived when we reached the station.
  5. They were defeated, but they were not discouraged.
  6. Don’t leave any of these questions unanswered.

Exercise – 2
Make three words using each prefix given and write them down. Refer to the dictionary if necessary. Race with your partner to test your dictionary reference skill.

a. dis
i. disapprove
ii. disagree
iii. dishonest

b. im
i. impossible
ii. impure
iii. immortal

c. in
i inactive
ii. incoherent
iii. inaccurate

d. un
i unjust
ii. unhappy
iii. unreal

e. non
i. nonsense
ii. nonstop
iii nonvegetarian

f. mis
i misread
ii. misconception
iii. mislead.

Write five sentences, one for each word you have made.

  1. impossible: Hiding the truth is an impossible thing.
  2. impure: Impure food habits leads to unhealthiness.
  3. immortal: Gandhiji’s qualities is immortal in the hearts of people.
  4. inactive: Sleeplessness makes us inactive all the day.
  5. incoherent: As she was suffering from very high fever she spoke incoherently.
  6. inaccurate: Ill minded people lead others to the path of inaccuracy.
  7. unjust: The judgement given by the judge was unjust so they appealed to higher court.
  8. unhappy: I was unhappy to see my friend in difficulty.
  9. unreal: Unreal jewels are more impressive than realones.
  10. non-sense: Talking nonsense shows the person’s foolishness.
  11. non-stop: Non-stop buses move quickly than shuttle buses.
  12. non-vegetarian: Being vegeterian is more healthy than being a non-vegetarian.
  13. mis-read: When anything is read quickly, then maybe chances of misreading.
  14. mis-conception: Misconception once in a way leads to dangerous path.
  15. mis-lead: The idea that wealth brings un-happiness is misleading.

Use this phrases to make a sentence. of each hand / in a loop of string / A cat’s cradle / in which / is a child’s game / patterns and constructions / held between the fingers. A cat’s cradle is a child’s game in which patterns and constructions in a loop of string held between the fingers of each hand.

G Writing:

Both Uttanka’s master and mistress were extremely happy to see him back. After he bathed, was fed and rested, the mistress asked him many questions.


  • Mistress: Didn’t you feel fear being alone on the way?
  • Uttanka: Of course, I feared. But I determined to fulfill your cherished dream, so I progressed.
  • Mistress: Thank you, my boy, Did the king and Queen treat you well?
  • Uttanka: Yes, they did. They welcomed wholeheartedly and even the king advised me to change my clothes to meet the queen.
  • Mistress: I still can’t believe it. You have fulfilled my long-cherished dream. I will never forget this memorable moment in my life.
  • Uttanka: I need your blessings, madam
  • Mistress: That will always be with you.

Multiple Choice Questions

Uttanka Entered Into The Kingdom Of Question 1.
The houses of hermitages are made of ________________ .
a) mud and straw
b) wood and mud
c) mud and stones
d) All
a) mud and straw

KSEEB Solutions For Class 7 English Uttanka’s Gurudakshina Question 2.
Guru’s wife asked guru Dakshina as _________________ .
a) some amount of money
b) ornaments
c) a big house.
d) Queen’s earrings.
d) Queen’s earrings.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 7 English A Soldier’s Son Question 3.
Drink given to Uttanka by a stranger is _______________________ .
a) wine
b) fruit drink
c) Ambrosia
d) grape juice
c) Ambrosia

KSEEB Solutions For Class 7 English Chapter 7 Question 4.
Queen gave ear-rings. _____________________________ .
a) unwillingly
b) willingly
c) with fear of hermitage
d) by king’s order.
b) willingly

KSEEB Solutions For Class 7 English Question 5.
A hand snatched the ear-rings changed into _________________ .
a) a lion
b) a tiger
c) a bear
d) a snake
d) a snake

KSEEB Solutions For Class 7th English Question 6.
Uttanka entered into the kingdom of ____________________ .
a) Vijayanagaraking
b) Ujjainiking
c) Serpent king djkalingaking.
c) Serpent king djkalingaking.

KSEEB Solutions For 7 English Question 7.
Boys turned the wheel with spokes
a) five
b) six
c) eight
d) twelve
d) twelve

Uttanka Gurudakshina Story In Hindi Question 8.
Women weaving a piece of cloth of and k threads. _______________________ .
a) red and green
b) black and white
c) blue and white
d) pink and blue.
b) black and white

English KSEEB Solutions Class 7 Question 9.
Drink given to Uttanka by a stranger was. ___________________ .
a) wine
b) a fruit juice
c) dirty water
d) none
d) none

7th English KSEEB Solutions Question 10.
The two maidens weaving were and __________________ .
a) twin sisters
b) angles
c) night and day
d) wind and rain.
c) night and day

KSEEB Solutions 7th English Question 11.
Uttanka came back to hermitage with the help of _____________________ .
a) king’s chariot
b) pushpak vimana
c) by walk
d) horse.
d) horse.

Uttanka’s Gurudakashina by Mrinalini Sarabai About the Author:

Mrinalini Sarabai was bom on May 11, 1918, is a celebrated Indian classical dancer, choreographer and instructor. Besides choreographing, more than three hundred dance dramas, she has also written many novels, poetry, plays and stories for children. She is also one of the trustees of the Sarvodaya international test, an organization for the promotion of Gandhian ideals.

Mrinalini Sarabhai has been awarded by the Indian government with national civilian awards Padma Bhushan in 1992 and Padmashri in 1965. She was honoured with the degree of Doctor of letters, honours course (Littd) by the University of East Anglia, Norwich.

Uttanka’s Gurudakashina Summary in English

Uttanka Gurudakshina 7th Standard KSEEB

The story ‘Uttanka’s Gurudakshina’ by Mrinalini Sambhai ‘Exemplifies the courage and dedication of the boy Uttanka, to fulfill his gum’s’ wife’s desire. Once upon a time in India, a boy named Uttanka was being taught in one of the forest hermitages of the wise men. After many years his masters taught him all they knew. One day he went to his master to request him to choose a gift that he may give as Guru Dakshina.

His ‘master told that he desired but he directed him to ask his wife if she desired anything. The gum’s wife told him that she had long cherished a wish to wear the queen’s ear-rings. She asked him to fetch the earrings. So that she could wear them on the festival day. Although Uttanka Was dismayed he nevertheless set out to seek the earrings from the king.

On his way through the forest, he met a man riding a huge bull. The man offered Uttanka a cup full of some liquid and urged him to drink it saying that it will help him on his way. Uttanka arrived at the king’s palace and went directly to the king and told him about his gum’s wives wish the kind king asked him to seek the queen’s help. The queen willingly gave him the earrings but warned him that the jewels were also coveted by the serpent king and he might try to steal them. Uttanka thanked her and started for home.

That evening, as he was tired and weary he leaned against a tree for some rest. He had placed the earrings beside him. Suddenly, a man dressed in rags snatched the rings and ran into the forest. Uttanka ran after him but the man changed into a snake and wriggled into a hole in the ground. Uttanka was distressed, and could not figure how he could get inside the hole. At that time an old mail appeared and assured him of his help. No sooner the man said this, a huge thunderbolt struck and shook the earth.

Uttanka saw a big hole near him. He went inside the hole, to the serpent’s kingdom. There he saw a man on a horse and bowed respectfully to him and asked him to grant him a favor, which would put the serpent king in Uttanka’s power. The man asked Uttanka to blow into his horse. When Uttanka blew into the horse, flames shot from every hair of the horses’ body and burnt the houses of the serpents. The serpents then begged Uttanka to save them. Uttanka told them that if the serpent king returned the earrings he would save them. The serpents then urged their king to return the Jewels. Later Uttanka returned to the hermitage, just in time to give the earnings to his guru’s wife. She was happy and blessed him for his courage.

When Uttanka told his guru about his adventure, his master told him that the liquid he had drunk was ambrosia, which would give him eternal youth. The man who gave it was the god of rain and the horse was the god of fire. He blessed his disciple arid sent him out into the world to make a living.

Uttanka’s Gurudakashina Summary in Kannada

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