KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 History Chapter 4 Ancient Civilization of the World

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 8 Social Science History Chapter 4 Ancient Civilization of the World

Class 8 Social Science Ancient Civilization of the World Textual Questions and Answers

Ancient Civilization Of World Class 8 Question 1.
Complete the following Sentences.

  1. Hieroglyphics a re called ……….
  2. The kings who ruled Egypt are called ………….
  3. The Greeks referred to Mesopotamia as ……….
  4. The most famous king of the Amorites is ………


  1. Sacred Writings
  2. Pharaoh
  3. Land between the rivers
  4. Hammurabi

Ancient Civilizations Of The World Questions And Answers Question 2.
Match the following.

1. Hwang Ho River a. Mesopotamia
2. Cuneiform b. King of the Amorites
3. Cleopatra c. Shang
4. Hammurabi d. China
5. Chinese dynasty e. The last Egyptian Queen


  1. d
  2. a
  3. e
  4. b
  5. c

I. Answer in brief of the following

Ancient Civilization Of World Class 8 Notes Question 1.
How are ‘Mummies’ preserved?
The Egyptian people believed that life on earth is temporary and needed only to prepare for the next life. So they preserved the dead body by smearing various chemicals and wrapped with a thin cloth. The entire body was protected in this way and preserved for a long time. The protected dead body was called “Mummy”. It would be kept in a specially designed coffin.

Ancient Civilization Of The World Class 8 Question 2.
Write a paragraph on the pyramids
The Egyptians constructed the graves in the desert area of the river banks Nile. Tall towers were built on these graves using huge blocks of stone. The Egyptians considered the graves as the true places of man. By keeping different things that they have used during their lifetime they built these graves of huge size. The Greeks call them as Pyramids.

Ancient Civilization Of World Class 8 Question Answer Question 3.
How was ‘Hwang Ho River’ China’s sorrow?
On the river banks of Hwang Ho, the ancient Chinese civilization was flourishing. But this Hwang Ho river caused heavy damage to that civilization regularly through its floods.

After the floods, this river changed its course in an unpredictable manner and inundated houses and agricultural lands. It would render all the canals useless. So the people of that area called the symbol of sorrow.

Class 8 Social Science Ancient Civilization of the World Additional Questions and Answers

I. Multiple Choice Questions

Ancient Civilizations Of The World Class 8 Question 1.
Alexander occupied Persia in the……….
a. 4th Century
b. 5th Century
c. 6th Century
d. 8th Century
b. 4th Century

Ancient Civilizations Of World Questions And Answers Question 2.
Mesopotamians built artificial hills and established their places of worship called
a. Taller towers
b. Land between the rivers
c. Ziggurat
d. Hanging Gardens
c. Ziggurat

Ancient Civilization Of India Class 8 Notes Question 3.
Hammurabi was a famous king of
a. Assyrians
b. Babylonians
c. Akkadians
d. Amorites
d. Amorites

Ancient Civilization Of World Class 8 Notes Pdf Question 4.
This river called the sorrow of china is
a. Hwang Ho
b. Euphrates
c. Tigris
d. Nile
a. Hwang Ho

Ancient Civilization Of World Class 8 Solutions Question 5.
Silk manufacturing was a prominent industry during the ancient time in
a. Greek
b. Mesopotamia
c. India
d. China
d. China

II. Answer the following questions:
KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Social Science Question 1.
What was the role of the Nile valley in Egyptian civilization?

  1. Every rainy season, the Nile river would/transform the Nile valley into a huge lake
  2. A fertile layer of clay soil would form the grazing field
  3. This fertile land provided food for the population
  4. The Nile had the main role in canals & Wells irrigations

8th Std Social Science Notes Question 2.
What were the contributions of Egyptians?

  1. They knew a lot about irrigation
  2. They built many monuments
  3. They had mastered the art of writing which was in symbolic language
  4. They introduced calendar
  5. Egyptians constructed many Pyramids

KSEEB Solutions For 8th Class Social Science Question 3.
Give any three features, of Mesopotamian civilization.

  1. Mesopotamian society was divided into three classes.
  2. They invented cuneiform writing
  3. They had many groups-Sumerians Babylonians, Assyrians, etc.
  4. They constructed Ziggurat

8th Social Science Text Book Question 4.
What is Hieroglyphics?
It was a symbolic language in Egypt.
It consists of small drawings and has been called hieroglyphics

8th Standard Social Science Notes English Medium Question 5.
Who was Hammurabi? Write his achievements?
Hammurabi was a famous king of Amorites His achievements:

  1. He built a fabulous place
  2. He framed the codes of justice
  3. Made Babylonia to be considered the best-administered kingdom in the world of the old world
  4.  His laws enforced the logic of “An eye for an eye”, and a tooth for a tooth”.

Karnataka 8th Standard Social Science Textbook Question 6.
Write a note on the Great Wall of China.

  1. Emperor Qin Shihuangti was constructed.
  2. This enabled the northern walls to word off the attacks of invaders from the north
  3. The construction of a great wall began in the 7th century B.C.E. and continued till the 16th century 4 more than 5000 kilometers.
  4. More than 5000 Kilometers.