KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 History Chapter 6 Rise of Jainism and Buddhism

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 8 Social Science History Chapter 6 Rise of Jainism and Buddhism

Class 8 Social Science Rise of Jainism and Buddhism Textual Questions and Answers

I. Complete the following sentences by using suitable words in the blanks:

Rise Of Jainism And Buddhism Questions And Answers Question 1.
The first Jain Tirthankara was …………

Rise Of Jainism And Buddhism Class 8 Question 2.
Vardhamana was born at ……………


Rise Of Jainism And Buddhism Notes Question 3.
Mahaveera attained …………… in his 42nd year

Rise Of Jainism And Buddhism Class 8 Notes Question 4.
Mahaveera attained Nirvana at ……………… in his 72nd years

Rise Of Jainism And Buddhism 8th Standard Question 5.
The original name of Gautama Buddha was ……………

Rise Of Jainism And Buddhism Pdf Question 6.
Buddha delivered his first sermon at …………..

The Rise Of Jainism And Buddhism Question 7.
The first sermon of Buddha is called …………….


  1. Rishabhanatha
  2. Vaishali (Kundaligrama)
  3. Enlightenment
  4. Pavapuri
  5. Siddhartha
  6. Saranatha
  7. Dharma Chakra Pravarthana

II. Answer the following questions in brief:

Class 8 History Chapter 6 Notes Question 1.
Write in detail about Mahaveera’s life.
Vardhman was born in Kundala grama village in Vaishali. His father was Siddhartha, the king of the Gantrika tribe. His mother was Trishaladevi Vardhamana was married to Yashodhara, at the age of 30 Vardhamanas set out in search of truth and renounced his family and house.

He punished his body by fasting. At the age of 42 he enlightenment and became to be known as ‘Mahaveera’ and became a Jina. He spent 30 years in preaching his knowledge to the people around Ganga and Yamuna rivers. He attained nirvana in his 72nd year in Pavapuri of Bihar.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Social Science Question 2.
What is Triratna?
Mahaveera taught five vows and three principles of behavior. The latter are called triratans are samyaksyan, Samyak
dharshan, Samya chavitha.

Class 8 History Chapter 6 Solution Question 3.
Name the sects among the Jains.
Swethambars and Digambars are the two sects of Jains. Those wear white clothes are called swethambars, whereas those who do not wear any clothes are called Digambars.

Class 8 History Chapter 6 Solutions Question 4.
What is the middle path?
Buddha preached the Eight Fold Path for eliminating desires. The adoption of these paths is called the Middle Path. The Eight-Fold Paths are as follows. Right-Action, Speech, Vision, Livelihood, Effort, Recollection, Resolve, Thought.

8th Standard Social Question And Answer Question 5.
Who were the people influenced by the new religions?
Many wealthy merchants, artisans, and common people were inspired by the teachings of Buddha. The people of the cities attracted by the teachings of Buddha and he became a ray of hope in the changed circumstances. The simple principles taught by Buddha took on a new role of transforming the lives of people. Many kings like Ashoka, Kanishka, and others made Buddhism as the Religion of state and worked for its spread.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Hindi Chapter 6 Question 6.
Write a not on the Tripitikas.
After Buddha’s death, his followers collected his teachings and traditions in the form of Tripitikas. These are Vinaya, Dharma, and Abhidhamma pikas. Over a period of time, disagreements developed in the teachings and different branched of Himayana, Mohayan, Vajrayana and there are sutras that came into being Buddhism sprang up.

Class 8 Social Science Rise of Jainism and Buddhism Additional Questions and Answers

Multiple Choice Questions

8th Social Science Notes Question 1.
Parsh wanatha was the son of
(a) Ashwagosha
(b) Aswasena
(c) Bimbasa
(d) Rishaba
(b) Aswasena

Class 8 Social Science History Karnataka State Board Solutions Question 2.
The five principles of Bramacharaya was taught by
(a) Vardhamana
(b) Parswanath
(c) Buddha
(d) Rishaba
(a) Vardhamana

8th Standard Social Science Question And Answer Question 3.
Vardhamana was born in
(a) Kundala
(b) Vyshali
(c) Kunda
(d) Kamandala
(b) Vyshali

8th Standard Social Science Guide Question 4.
Vardamana attained nirvana at the age of
(a) 60
(b) 70
(c) 72
(d) 78
(c) 72

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Social Question 5.
The Earlier name of Gowtama Buddha was
(a) Shuddodana
(b) Siddartha
(c) Rishaba
(d) Siddesha
(b) Siddartha

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Sst Question 6.
Buddha gave his message in
(a) Sanskrit
(b) Hindi
(c) Tamil
(d) Prakrti
(d) Prakrti

8th Standard Social Science Question 7.
Buddha died at
(a) Kushi pur
(b) Kushal pur
(c) Kushi nagar
(d) Shalk pur
(c) Kushi nagar

8th Standard Social Notes Question 8.
The present name of the kushinagar is
(a) Khosala
(b) Kalinga
(c) Mahaparinirvana
(d) Madras
(c) Mahaparinirvana

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Question 9.
Shuddodana was the king of
(a) Shakya
(b) Shaka
(c) Kalinga
(a) Shakya

Social KSEEB Solutions Class 8 Question 10.
Vardamana was married to
(a) Yashodhara
(b) Lalitha
(c) Kamala
(d) Chandrika
(a) Yashodhara

II. Answer the following questions in brief

8th Standard Social Science Question Answer In Kannada Question 1.
What were the causes of the rise of Jainism and Buddhism?

  1. Jainism and Buddhism arose as a reaction to the Rigid Vedic religion.
  2. The Vedic religion involved many rights and sacrifices.
  3. Rituals and sacrifices were not only complex but also had become very expensive
  4. The Rigid caste system made the life of the Shudras miserable
  5. ‘Janapadas’ and ’Mahajanapadas’ were supported to non-violence

8th Class Social Textbook Questions And Answers Question 2.
What are the five vows taught by Mahaveera?
The five vows are as follows:

  1. Non-violence
  2. Truth
  3. Astheya
  4. Aparigraha
  5. Brahmacharya

Question 3.
What are Triratnas?

  1. Samyakgyan
  2. Samyacharitha
  3. Aparigraha

Question 4.
Name the important Kannada poets of Jainism period
The famous Kannada poets Pampa

Question 5.
Describe, the life story of Buddha
Gautama Buddha, also known as Siddartha was the founder of Buddhism he was born in Lumbini in 563 B.C. His parents were Shuddodhana and Mayadevi, Renouncing kingly luxury and familial happiness Siddartha became a hermit. He went in search of truth. Attaining enlightenment he became Buddha, he enlightened one, he first went to Sarnath near Banaras.
He preached four noble truths and the eightfold path. In his 80th year, Buddha’s glorious life of selfless service came to an end at Kushi Nagar.

Question 6.
What are the eightfold paths of Buddha?
The noble fold paths consist of the following.

  1. Right thought
  2. Right vision
  3. Right Livelihood
  4. Right effort
  5. Right speech
  6. Right Recollection
  7. Right action
  8. Right Resolve

Question 7.
Give any five teachings of Buddha.
The teachings of Buddha are:

  1. He preached every living thing is worthy of love
  2. By following the middle path one can attain nirvana
  3. The man’s present and next lives depend upon his karma
  4. He preached the brotherhood of mankind and equality to all
  5. The prominent saying of Buddha is desire was the root cause of sorrow.

Question 8.
What is ‘Divija’?
The Vyshyas, who were engaged in animal husbandry and business were also called ‘twice-born’ or ‘Dvija’.

Question 9.
Which cities grew in India during 6th B.C.E?
Koushambi Kushinagar Varanari Vaishali Rajaruha Chirand etc.

Question 10.
Write the important views of Buddha and Mahaveera

  1. They identified the desire as the main reason for all the human hardships
  2. Simple living without accumulation too much wealth
  3. They rejected luxurious life
  4. Moral family life
  5. They preached the people in their own languages Pali & Prakrit

III. Match the following:

1. Buddhism a. 24th Thirthankara
2. Jainism b. Eightfold path
3. Mahavira c. Kushi Nagar
4. Buddha d. Pavapuri
5. Ambhi e. Takshashila


  1. b
  2. a
  3. d
  4. c