KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 History Chapter 7 Mauryas and Kushans

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 8 Social Science History Chapter 7 Mauryas and Kushans

Class 8 Social Science Mauryas and Kushans Textual Questions and Answers

I. Complete the following sentences by using suitable words in the blanks:

Mauryas And Kushans Questions And Answers Question 1.
Chanakya came to be known as ………….

Mauryas And Kushans Notes Question 2.
Meghasthan’s work …………..


Mauryas And Kushans Class 8 Question 3.
The capital of the Mauryas was ……………

Mauryas And Kushans 8th Standard Notes Question 4.
The founder of the Kushans dynasty was ………..

Mauryas And Kushans Notes Class 8 Question 5.
The new era of Kanishka’s regin is called the …………

  1. Kautilya
  2. “Indica”
  3. Pataliputra
  4. Kujula Kadaphisus
  5. Saka

II. Answer the following questions:

Mauryas And Kushans Notes Pdf Question 1.
List the sources which reflect upon the history of Mauryas.

  1. Megasthenes-Indica
  2. Kautilya’s Arthashastra
  3. Vishakadatta’s-Mudrarakshasa
  4. Deepavamsha & Mahavamsha
  5. Inscriptions of Ashoka

Mauryas And Kushans Class 8 Notes Question 2.
Name the important cities during Ashoka period.

  1. Pataliputra
  2. Thakshashila
  3. Ujjain
  4. Kalinga
  5. Suvarnagiri

8th Standard Social Mauryas And Kushans Question 3.
Ashoka has been named has Great by the historians. Give reasons.

  1. After Kalinga war Ashoka went into repentance on seeing the devastation created by war.
  2. He accepted Buddhism, took many steps to spread principles of Buddhism
  3. He gave importance to inscription
  4. Ashoka gave priority to welfare programmes for people
  5. He constructed many historical monuments. Ex: Sanchi stupas, Saranfctha etc. .
  6. Many poets, philosopher were encouraged by him

Mauryas And Kushans 8th Standard Question 4.
Describe Ashoka’s administration.

  1. There was a strong espionage network
  2. Ministers, priest, prince were the higher subordinates of the king
  3. The Empire was divided into provinces
  4. Takshashila, Ujjain, Douli, Surarnagiri, were regional administration centers
  5. King appointed Rujuka & Yuta officials
  6. His aspirations were expressed through edicts.

Mauryas And Kushans History Question 5.
Which dynasty did the Kushans belong to?
Kushans were basically from a nomadic tribes which had migrated to India from central Asia. They were the progeny of Yuchi.

Mauryas And Kushans Information Question 6.
What was the extent of Kanishka’s empire?

  1. Kanishka’s rule had spread upto sanchi in the south & Banaras in the East
  2. His kingdom which included central Asia too was a vast empire
  3. Purushapura was his capital

Class 8 Social Science Mauryas and Kushans Additional Questions and Answers

I. Fill in the blanks with suitable answers:

Maurya And Kushans Questions And Answers Question 1.
The first Indian empire was ……….
The Mauryas

8th Class Social Science Notes Question 2.
Arrian, Strabo, Diodorus were belonged to ………………. (nation) writers

Mauryas And Kushans Ppt Question 3.
The prime ministers of Chandragupta Maurya was …………..

8th Social Mauryas And Kushans Question 4.
The manuscript of Kautilya’s Arthashastra discovered by ……………..
R. Shamushastri

History Chapter 7 Class 8 Question Answer Question 5.
‘Live and let live’ stated by …………….

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Social Science Question 6.
Ashoka sent his son Rahula & Daughter Sangamithra to …………… to spread Buddhism

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Social Question 7.
Mauryans introduced the silver coins were ………….

8th Standard Social Question And Answer Question 8.
Rujuka: Justice officer: Yukta: …………
Information Record

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 History Question 9.
Our national emblem of four headed lion is taken from …………
Saranatha pillar

8th Class Social Science Question 10.
Kushans capital was ……….

II. Choose the correct options:

KSEEB Social Solutions Class 8 Question 1.
Deepavamsha and mahavamsha belongs to ………….
a) Srilanka
b) Pataliputra
c) Shravana belagola
d) Kalinga
a). Srilanka

KSEEB Solutions Class 8 Social Question 2.
Kalinga war fought in year …………..
a) 324 B.C.E
b) 367 B.C.E
c) 261 B.C.E
d) 273 B.C.E
c). 261 B.C.E

KSEEB Solutions For 8th Class Social Science Question 3.
Devanampriya priyadarshi reference appears for the Ist time at ……………… inscription.
a) Maski
b) Samath
c) Paraliputra
d) Suvhrnagiri
a). Maski

8th Standard Social Science Question And Answer Question 4.
The main source of income for king was
a) Fine
b) Land tax
c) Tribute
d) War
b). Land tax

Question 5.
Gold coins were brought out into circulation during ………………… period of Kushana.
a) Kujalakadphisus
b) Kanishka
c) Vimalakad phisus
d) Vimakad phisus
c). Vimakad phisus

III. Answer the following questions in brief:

Question 1.
Write a short note on Kalinga war.

  1. Kalinga war fought in 261 BCE between Ashoka and Kalinga ruler.
  2. One lakh people died through Kalinga was won by Ashoka .
  3. He was disturbed by the deaths he decided not wage war there after

Question 2.
Which steps were taken by Ashoka to spread Buddhism?

  1. Ashoka appointed ‘Dharmamahamtra’
  2. He installed inscription all across the kingdom .
  3. Preaches were sent to other countries.
    Ex: Rakshita was sent to Banavasi. Mahadeva was sent to Mahishamandala. Rahula & Sangamithra to Srilanka
  4. He organized the third Buddhist conference to Pataliputra in 250 BCE

Question 3.
Name the titles of King Ashoka

  1. Devanampriya
  2. Priyadarshi

Question 4.
Explain briefly the social system of Mauryas.

  1. Varna based caste system
  2. Brahmana and Kshtriya could interchange their status
  3. Maegasthenes records the presence of seven castes in Mauryan society in his Indica.
  4. Slavery system was practiced
  5. Shudras the last in the Varna system they employed or agriculture.

Question 5.
What were the contributions of Mauryans to Art/Architecture

  1. Mauryas capital Pataliputra surrounded by forts
  2. Many ‘stupa’ and pillars were erected.
  3. Sanchi stupa is the biggest
  4. Four headed lion of pillar is in Saranatha
  5. Three rock cut caves at Barbar hill
  6. His son Darsharatha built three more rocks cut caves at Nagaruni hills.

Question 6.
Draw a out line map of India and Locate the Maurayans Empires, boundries.

  1. Patalipura
  2. Thakshashila
  3. Ujjayini
  4. Maski
  5. Kalinga
  6. Raj agriha

Mauryas And Kushans Questions And Answers Class 8 KSEEB