KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 Political Science Chapter 2 Public Administration

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 8 Social Science Political Science Chapter 2 Public Administration

Class 8 Social Science Public Administration Textual Questions and Answers

I. Fill In The Blanks

Public Administration Questions And Answers Question 1.
The father of public administration ………………
Woodrow Wilson

Public Administration Class 8 Question 2.
The word ‘Public administration’ is used for the first time by ……………….
Alexander Hamilton


Public Administration 8th Standard Question 3.
The member of union public service commission are appointed by ……………
President of India

Public Administration Question And Answer Question 4.
article of the contribution discussed the central public service commission ……………
Article 315

Public Administration Is Today’s Need Discuss Question 5.
The head of the state secretariat is …………..
The chief secretary

II. Discuss the following in groups & answers:

Public Administration Class 8 Notes Question 1.
Public administration is today’s need. Discuss.

  1. Public administration is a pillar of the government
  2. As the state is evolving from protective to welfare state and from welfare state to functioning state.
  3. As a result, the scope of public administration is enlarging.
  4. The holistic development of human society and the survival of civic society depend on effective public administration

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Social Science Political Science Chapter 2 Question 2.
Public administration is spread across the birth & death of an individual. Prove it.

  1. The life cycle of human being depends on public administration
  2. It is the heart of a state
  3. There is no state without public administration
  4. Public administration is the pillar of the government
  5. It serves various functions in the interest of public
  6. Implementation of law & policies
  7. Necessary to protect social security
  8. Support legislature & executive

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Social Question 3.
Explain the Recruitment process.

  1. An efficient administration is based on efficient recruitment process.
  2. If an efficient honest and eligible person is selected to civil service, the person delivers good public service
  3. If the recruitment process is more scientific and efficient
  4. It has 2 types.
    • Direct recruitment: Recruiting eligible candidates through competitive examinations.
    • Internal recruitment: Selecting the eligible in-service personnel to a higher position is called as internal recruitment.

8th Standard Public Administration Question 4.
What are the different types of training?

  1. Formal & informal training
  2. Pre-service & post Beginning of service training
  3. Short term & long term training
  4. Departmental & central institutes training
  5. Skill training & background training

Public Administration Solutions Question 5.
How is the central secretariat formed?

  1. According to Article 77(3) of the constitution, the president of India has the powers to frame rules
  2. Each cabinet Minister will have an independent ministry.
  3. If their portfolio is bigger, state minister & deputy minister would be there to assist them
  4. One portfolio may have more than one department example: tough homes, Agriculture, Defense
  5. The important portfolio is Department principle, wing, Division Branch, section.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Social Chapter 2 Question 6.
What is the role of the state in law & order? Explain
The primary role of the State Government is to ensure law and order in the State. In order to fulfill this duty, The State Governments have a police force that will have adequate training and functions. The police department comes under the Home Ministry. Director General Police, SP, CPI, and other police officers perform a major role in maintaining the law and order of the State.

Class 8 Social Science Public Administration Additional Questions and Answers

I. Multiple Choice Questions

KSEEB 8th Social Solutions Question 1.
The pillar of the government is ……….
a. Legislature
b. Executive
c) Public administration
d) Judiciary
c) Public administration

KSEEB Social Solutions Class 8 Question 2.
The compulsory B.Ed training for high school teachers example to training.
a) Formal Training
b) Departmental Training
c) Short term Training
d) Skill Training
d) Skill Training

KSEEB Solutions Class 8 Social Question 3.
Separate Public Service Commission for the center and state according to ……………. article.
a) 315
b) 305
c) 325
d) 335
a) 315

KSEEB Solutions Social Class 8 Question 4.
The members of the Karnataka public services commission are appointed by ………..
a) Chief minister
b) Home minister
c) Governor
d) Public Administration.
c) Governor

Social KSEEB Solutions Class 8 Question 5.
This force has the mandate to maintain law and order is………..
a) Central Armed Reserve
b) Border security force’
c) Railway protection force
d) Central industrial security
a) Central Armed Reserve

II. Discuss the following in groups & answers:

KSEEB Social Solutions For Class 8 Question 1.
Write the definitions of public administration.

  1. According to Woodrow Wilson “ The holistic & orderly implementation of the law is public Administration
  2. According to Pinar “the consolidation of community initiatives in implementing public policies is public administration
  3. According to Luther Gulick “Public administration is related to the executive of the government
    • P-Planning
    • O-Organization
    • S- Staffing
    • D-Direction
    • Co-Coordination
    • R-Reporting
    • B-Budgeting

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Question 2.
Which are the methods of Recruitment?

  1. Direct Recruitment (External Recruitment)
  2. Internal Recruitment (Recruitment by motion)

KSEEB Solutions For Class 8 Science Chapter 2 Question 3.
Write the structure of the union public service commission?

  1. According to article 315 of the constitution, there should be a separate public service commission for the center and a state.
  2. Two or three states can have a joint public service commission also
  3. The president appoints a chairman and the members of the central and the joint service commission.

KSEEB Solutions For 8 Social Question 4.
Write the functions of union public service commission?
conducting exams for the recruitment of group A and B officers of the central government.

  1. conducting interviews for Direct Recruitment.
  2. Advising the central government on issues related to promotion and transition
  3. Advising the government on the initiation of disciplinary actions against earring government employees.
  4. In the direction of the president advising the government only needed issue.