KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 3 Community

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Karnataka State Board Class 5 EVS Chapter 3 Community

Class 5 EVS Community Text Book Questions and Answers

KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 Evs Question 1.
Here is a picture of a village. Look, Don’t you see many houses?
KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 Evs Community
There a many families living in this village. All these groups of families are called Community.

KSEEB Solutions For 5th Class Evs Question 2.
What are the features of the community according to Ravi’s story?

  1. Worker [Agri – labourers]
  2. Transport
  3. No legal status

KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 Evs Chapter 3 Question 3.
Write, the aspects identified by you in the given pictures.
KSEEB Solutions For 5th Class Evs Community


KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 Evs Chapter 3 Community

5th Standard Evs Notes Question 4.
Differentiate agricultural activities and non-agricultural activities, and write them separately.5th Standard Evs Notes KSEEB Community
Agricultural activities:

  1. cultivation of soil
  2. croping
  3. Farming operation
  4. ploughing the land-to grow crops
  5. Harvesting the crop

Non Agricultural activities

  1. black smiting
  2. carpentry
  3. basket weaving
  4. Fishery
  5. Pottery

Community Lesson Class 5 Question 5.
Make a list of implements required by a farmer for agricultural activities

  1. Increase the productivity of land
  2. Replace or speed up activities that are extremely inefficient in use of them.

KSEEB Solutions 5th Standard Evs Question 6.
Write are the various occupations found in villages
Dairy, fishery, sericulture, weaving, blacksmithing, carpentry, basket weaving, pottery, craftwork, etc.

Community Class 5 Question 7.
What are the problems faced by people in villages?
Villages have problems related to hygiene, health, Jobs and education.

KSEEB 5th Evs Solutions Question 8.
Write any one programme, implemented by the government for rural development.
Rozgar yojana and Jawhara Gram Samruddi Yojana for educated youth in villages to set up their own small scale industries.

5th Evs Notes Karnataka Question 9.
What programmes have been introduced for the upliftment of villages by the state and central government?

  1. Pradhan mantri rozgar yojana & Jawahar gram sainruddhi yojana.
  2. Sarva shikshana abhiyana.
  3. Nirmala gram yoj ana.
  4. Bhagyalakshmi yojana.
  5. Aashraya yojana.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 Question 10.
What do you see when you visit a city?
Buildings, Roads, Companies etc…

KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 Social Science Question 11.
Look at the pictures given below. Write what kind of job these people are engaged in? Do you find these people in your locality? Put (✓) if yes.
Community Lesson Class 5 KSEEB
KSEEB Solutions 5th Standard Evs Community

KSEEB Solutions Class 5 Evs Question 12.
What are the problems you face, if you are living in a city?

  1. Housing problem in cities
  2. Traffic Jam
  3. Pollution in industrial areas
  4. Disposal of garbage
  5. Sleem areas
  6. Water pollution

KSEEB Solutions For Class 5th Evs Question 13.
Discuss the environmental hazards due to the development of cities?

  1. Large volumes of uncollected waste create multiple health hazards
  2. Intensive urban growth can lead to greater Poverty, with local governments unable to provide services for all people
  3. Concentrated energy use leads to greater air pollution with significant impact on human health.
  4. Pollution and physical baniers to root growth promote loss of urban tree cover.

5th Evs KSEEB Solutions Question 14.
What are the programmes launched by the state and the central government for making life in urban areas better?

  1. Sewage system.
  2. Supply of pure drinking water.
  3. Construction of systematic market complexes.
  4. Construction of well-planned bus and railway stations.
  5. Laying of ring roads around the city.
  6. Development of parks.

KSEEB Evs 5th Standard Question 15.
Identify the occupation of the tribals in the given picture and write them in the space given.Community Class 5 KSEEB
KSEEB 5th Evs Solutions Community

5th Evs Notes Karnataka KSEEB Community
KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 Community

KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 Social Question 16.
Which tribal community do you know?

  1. Soligas of Mysore district.
  2. Koragas of Dakshina Kannada.
  3. Jenu kurubas and Yeravas of Kodagu.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 Evs In English Question 17.
Look at the Pictures. Who are they?
KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 Social Science Community
KSEEB Solutions Class 5 Evs Community

Question 18.
Here are pictures of some achievers. Who are they? can you identify and write the field of their achievement.
KSEEB Solutions For Class 5th Evs Community
5th Evs KSEEB Solutions Community
Class 5 EVS Community Additional Questions and Answers

I. Multiple-choice Questions:

KSEEB Class 5 Evs Question 1.
Man is a
a. Social being
b. Living being
c. Species
d. Animal
a. Social being

KSEEB Solution For Class 5 Evs Question 2.
According to government any child between band 14 years is provided compulsion.
a. Food
b. Nutrition
c. Health
d. Education
d. Education

KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 Science Question 3.
The programme aims at the universalization of quality primary education.
a. PradhanMantriRoagaryojana.
b. Sarva shikshana abhiyaana.
c. Aashraya yojana.
d. Ninnal gram yojana.
b. Sarva Shikshan abhiyaana.

5th Standard Parisara Adhyayana Notes Question 4.
The country cannot progress unless villages progress said by
a. Mahatma Gandhi
b. Nehru
c. Manmohan singh
d. Rajeev Gandhi.
a. Mahatma Gandhi

5th Std Evs Notes Question 5.
People’s life is a gamble with
a. Industries
b. Culture
c. Water
d. Rain.
d. Rain.

5th Std Evs Textbook Question 6.
There are nearly _________town in India.
a. 5000
b. 528
c. 550
d. 6000
a. 5000

5th Standard Community Lesson Question 7.
The number of cities with a population of one million and more are.
a. 2
b. 4
c. 27
d. 128
c. 27

II. Fill in the blanks:

  1. All farmers should be given free crop insurance.
  2. Bengaluru is one of the fast-growing cities in India.
  3. Factories, mills, and industries emit dense smoke.
  4. Electricity and drinking water are the main problems of urban people.

III. Answer the following questions:

5th Standard Evs Textbook Karnataka Question 1.
Name three types of community.

  1. Village/Rural community
  2. City/ urban and
  3. Tribals (Adivasis)

Class 5 Evs Notes Pdf Question 2.
Why do we call man a social being?
Man also loves in groups as birds and animals do. He is a social being as birds and animals are.

5th Standard Evs Textbook Karnataka Pdf Question 3.
What part does society play in a person’s life?
Society has become part of a person’s life. It provides a purpose to the life of man and also direction.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 Evs English Medium Question 4.
What is community feelings?
Members of a community develop a sense of We feeling” among themselves. This is called “community feelings”.

KSEEB Solutions Evs Class 5 Question 5.
What are importance of society?

  1. Society satisfies our needs.
  2. It provides security.
  3. It provides plenty of opportunities to exibit their talents.

KSEEB Solutions 5 Evs Question 6.
Why are farm labourers rare?
People follow co-operative farming work in their own land and earn profit.

KSEEB Solutions For 5th Class Question 7.
What assistance does the government provide for agricultural initiatives?

  1. Loans
  2. Modem and scientific methods of firming.

KSEEB Solutions 5th Standard Question 8.
What suggestions do you offer to impro ve cottage industries?

  1. Loan at low rate of interest should be provided by the government.
  2. Training for the cottage industries people.

5th KSEEB Solutions Question 9.
Why is life towns more contented?
People lead a peaceful life. The problems of speed, hurry, pollution and such other urban problems are rare in towns.

KSEEB Solutions For 5 Evs Question 10.
What problems do pavement vendors face?
They are self-employed and there are large numbers of street hankers

Class 5 Evs Syllabus State Board Question 11.
What are the occupations of urban people?
Shopkeepers, traders, Doctors, medical persons, banking, insurance companies factories hostels are the occupations of urban people.

KSEEB Solutions For 5 Question 12.
What is environmental pollution?
The surroundings of us is getting polluted by factories, mills, and industries is called environmental pollution.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 5th Question 13.
What are your suggestions to improve the health of the labourers?

  1. Having balanced diet or food habits.
  2. Having balanced mental health.

KSEEB Solutions For 5th Standard Question 14.
What are the serious problems of urban populations?

  1. Serious scarcity of electricity and drinking water problems.
  2. Slums, aimless littering of plastics and discharges are a challenge to the protection of environment.
  3. Social problems in urban areas are increasing enormously.

5th Standard Evs Textbook Question 15.
What are the social problems of the communities?
Juvenile crime, violence, drug menace, exploitation of women, robbery etc., are the social problems of the communities.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 Evs Kannada Medium Question 16.
What are the pollutions you find in urban communities?

  1. Air pollution
  2. Water pollution
  3. Sound pollution.

KSEEB Solutions 5th Question 17.
What is community? example?
Group of people living in a specific area is called a community.
Ex: Rural community, Urbon community, Tribal community.

KSEEB Solutions For Class5 Question 18.
Write advantages of a community ?
Advantages of community:

  1. When somebody in the community is in trouble, others will help them.
  2. When situation demands, community always ready to help others in the community.

Question 19.
Why do traffic jams happen in cities?
People who live on the outskirts of cities traval by public transport from their home to the center of the city. Thus traffic jams happen in cities.

Question 20.
What are the differences between the lives of a daily wage earner and a salaried persons?

Daily wage earner Salaried persons
1. Every day he earns and leads his life.
2. He works hard to earn.
Monthly he earns and Leads a life.
He works easily and earn money.


Question 21.
What is the difference between trading in shop and trading with a pushcart?

Trading in a shop Trading with a pushcart
1. Peoples sell the products in the building itself
2. Customers has to come buy the products.
people go out to the street and sell the vegetables, fruits, etc..
It reaches the and, customer at their door.