KSEEB Solutions for Class 9 Sociology Chapter 2 Socialisation

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 9 Social Science Sociology Chapter 2 Socialisation

Class 9 Social Science Socialisation Textual Questions and Answers

I. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

Socialization Notes 9th Class Question 1.
The changing process of the human being as a social being is called _________

Socialization 9th Standard Notes Question 2.
Mother is the first;________of a child.


KSEEB Solutions For Class 9 Social Socialization Question 3.
The important agency of socialization is ___________

Socialization Questions And Answers Question 4.
Radio is an agency of __________

II. Discuss the following questions :

Socialization Lesson 9th Class Question 1.
Explain the role of school in the process of socialization.
The role of the school is very crucial in the socialization process. In schools, the child is not only influenced by the teachers but also by its friends and classmates. The social behaviour, knowledge and experience of the child are moulded by the education. The subconscious capacity of the children is also developed. The school will extend his/her life and make them ready for social life. The role of the teacher in the socialization process of the child is very crucial. Various positive aspects that find expression in teachers like good behaviours, equality and goodwill get reflected in the children as well. This enables children to develop love, cooperation, tolerance, co-living, mutual respect and other various values in their life. Apart from this, teachers need to motivate children to take part in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities

KSEEB Solutions For Class 9 Social Science Socialization Question 2.
What are the values learned by a child from the family members?
The child learns many values in a family atmosphere. In the family, the mother is the first teacher to the child and the family is the first school to it. The values that the child learns in a family are :

  1. The child learns the words, behaviour, activities and transactions of the parents. The parents’ attitudes have a deep impact on the moral and emotional growth of the child.
  2. The child learns to love, affection, trust, patience, kindness, co-operation, and other values in a family atmosphere.
  3. The child learns to walk on the right path under the guidance of the parents. They learn to respect their parents and obey them.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 9 Social Science Question 3.
Explain the social importance of the socialization process.
Socialization is a continuous process of social action in which it

  1. converts human being into a social being.
  2. provides the scope of adopting, imitating, and learning of many skills.
  3. develops the social relationship and provide commitment and support to the social system.
  4. helps the development of personality.
  5. Helps the continuity of tradition.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 9 Question 4.
Mention what does the socialization indicates.
The process of learning social behavior and the process of becoming a social being is called socialization. The human being and his social dependency are seen in this process. Socialization is a continuous process of social action, which starts from birth. Socialization is a process in which all the members of society live in accordance with their duties and responsibilities. In socialization, human beings become social beings by adopting social behaviours.

KSEEB Social Science Solutions Class 9 Question 5.
Explain the role of mass media in the socialization process.
In today’s modem society, mass media works as an important agent. Television, movies, newspapers, periodicals, dramas, dance, music, quotations from great men proverbs, and words of wisdom influence children. The mass media can be used effectively through news reports, quiz programs, interviews, debates, travel reports. Programs of educational importance have a direct bearing on the personality and good conduct of the child.

9th Standard Social Science Notes Pdf Question 6.
Explain the role of the neighbourhood in the socialization process.
The neighbourhood is the families which reside close to your family. This is a small community having the characteristics of a large community. The neighbourhood is small in size. Here the people are related to each other. People help each other in many ways. The influence of neighbourhood is found both in rural and urban communities. The people of the neighbourhood live like the members of the same family, by sharing their happiness and sorrows. Neighbourhood people help each other at the festival, fair, marriage, religious rituals and other programmes. The neighbourhood relationship is much stronger in rural communities than in urban communities.